Sunday, December 25, 2011

One year later, our first blog post

It hasn't been exactly a year since we got rid of the car.  In fact we didn't even keep track of the day the car went away in because the mental transition was more noteworthy than the physical.  That transition happened on December 25, 2010, when we made the inaugural trip with our new bike trailer for library returns.  (Holidays are our favorite days for cycling due to low traffic.)  

We had cycled the four mile route to the library plenty of times, and it turned out it wasn't much more difficult with a load of books in the "trunk."  Then on the way home when we spied two bald eagles in a dance of flight over a small urban wetland area.  The happily uneventful ride turned instantly magical!  If these majestic birds in this unlikely location weren't animal totems or a sign that we were making the right choice, choosing a good path to follow, they were certainly a wake up call to the transformation that was about to begin.
Our Carfree Family at the library in July


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