Thursday, January 19, 2012


Artisan Organics Farm Share, 9/28/10
As it is for many carfree families, our fuel is food.  Feeding seven of us, including three teens, we've gotten great at hauling it!  Save time and carbon emissions with delivery by cycle of your Artisan Organics farm share to your home or office.  You'll feel great being green, and a portion of proceeds will support Resources for Health’s youth programs.

Jacob and Annee delivering groceries
How do I start my farm share delivery?
Simply email Annee or call (503) 690-8348 with the following information:
  * Name
  * Phone
  * Market pickup date
  * Delivery destination address
  * Market pickup location (Orenco or Tanasbourne)
If you're not a current subscriber, please visit Artisan Organics to learn more.
How much does it cost?
$4 per mile roundtrip from market to delivery destination and back.

How early should I schedule my delivery?
You can schedule as early as you like for as many dates as you like during the season.  You also can schedule up to 9pm the night before the market pickup date.

What are my payment options?
At this time we accept cash or check paid in advance, upon delivery, or billed later.  Credit card payment options coming soon!
Orenco Station Farmers' Market 2011
Tanasbourne Farmers' Market 2011

Artisan Organics


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